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Saorview is Ireland’s free-to-air Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) service which is available to over 98% of Irish homes. With Saorview Irish viewers have access to the TV channels from RTÉ, TG4, and Virgin Media as well as Radio services and data information services from RTÉ Aertel.

Having built and commissioned the DTT network, 2rn are responsible for the day to day management and operation of the Saorview platform and ensuring that the platform and legacy receiver population can accommodate future growth and technical enhancement.

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Receiving Saorview

Saorview is a free-to-air (FTA) service, which means there are no ongoing monthly subscription fees or contracts to sign. In order to receive Saorview you will need an externally mounted aerial and a suitable Set Top Box (STB) or Integrated Digital Television (iDTV).


Over 98% of Irish homes can receive Saorview through a rooftop or external antenna, in certain good reception areas a set top antenna may suffice, however for reliable reception 2rn always recommend the use of an external or rooftop antenna.

For more information regarding receiving the Saorview signal please download the information booklet on the following link: Receiving SAORVIEW

Set Top Box/Integrated Digital Television

As previously indicated, in order to receive Saorview you will need a suitable Set Top Box (STB) or Integrated Digital Television (iDTV) connected to an external aerial.

2rn has established a receiver approval process to provide consumers with the assurance that receivers are Saorview compliant and will work correctly with the signals transmitted on the Saorview digital platform.

Receivers that have been approved by 2rn carry the Saorview logo.

At present there are a large number of Saorview approved receivers available, consumers wishing to make a receiver purchase should consult the full listing of approved receivers on the Saorview website.

2rn recommends that consumers wishing to avail of the Saorview service only purchase receivers that carry the Saorview approved logo.


SAORVIEW Receiver Approval Process

Ireland is a member of the NorDig group; this is a group of countries and platform operators who work together to agree a common specification and standard for their reception equipment and a common operational parameter for their respective national broadcast platforms, the NorDig group consist of the countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway Sweden and Ireland.

More information on the NorDig group is available on the following link: NorDig

2rn has appointed Labwise of Finland to conduct receiver compliance testing for receivers intended for use with the Saorview platform. Receivers which pass the testing process thereby meeting the Saorview and NorDig specification are eligible to be licensed to use the “SAORVIEW” logo, this logo will in turn confirm assurance to consumers that the receiver is Saorview compliant.

Manufacturers or distributors wishing to use the Saorview logo should contact Labwise ([email protected]) to arrange testing.

Download Saorview and NorDig specifications here:

Saorview approvals process

NorDig Unified ver 3.1 equipment requirements

Minimum Receiver Requirements

Rules of Operation for NorDig Compliant Platforms




Bitrate Monitoring Test Card Description